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Laura and Mark – Swanley

Laura and Mark – Swanley

Laura and Mark – Swanley

The Wedding of Laura and Mark was a great wedding with such a great group of people.

A complete fuss free day where everything went without a hitch and had great fun.

Mark bless him seemed so nervous but quickly calmed during the ceremony.
Laura being so emotional when walking down the aisle really showed how much she loved him.
The kids played there part to and where great.

The church looked amazing St. Mary’s church in Swanly is a hidden gem.

Everybody came out celebrating, some more than others as they knew it was time to walk over to the bar at Alexandra suite where the celebrations continued.

The best man Jonathan provided an excellent speech which had everyone laughing as did Mark.

One of the best wedding cakes I’ve seen, Mark was certainly impressed.
These must be some of my favorite portraits with assistance of James thanks buddy.

An all-round fantastic day

All my wishes to Laura and Mark x

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Emma and Bex – Murcure Great Danes Hotel

Emma and Bex – Murcure Great Danes Hotel

Emma and Bex – Mercure Great Danes Hotel

What can I say about Emma and Rebecca’s wedding from start to finish what an amazing day and one that I will always remember!

Both of them look amazing and was so full of energy leading up to the big day, with drinks and jokes the whole day was at the high levels of laughter and emotions.

The ceremony was stunning, lovely music to compliment a beautiful set up at the Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel.

Both dresses where so lovely and quite similar but each unique to their personalities.
Safe to say they were both stunning.

Emma & Rebecca make such a lovely couple they show so much passion, love and bite marks lol.

Both of them were so photogenic with lots of smiles and laughter.

We had some amazing weather in Maidstone to complement the great day that it was.

I did not want to leave the evening celebrations, everyone having such a great time, whether it was mum busting some great moves on the dance floor or guests encouraging others to get up and shake their stuff or friends seeing other friends arriving to join in on the fun.

Fantastic couple, Fantastic friends and what a fantastic day
all my best wishes to Emma & Rebecca.

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Danielle and Bradley – Lympne Castle

Danielle and Bradley – Lympne Castle

Danielle and Bradley – Lympne Castle

Danielle was full spirited in the morning as was everyone else in the house.
The morning ran so smoothly with so much fun and laughter in every room.

That Magical moment when Danielles father saw her for the first time in her dress was so lovely and emotional, seeing his little girl in her wedding dress kicked off the tears from her father setting off Danielle too.

Lympne Castle was such a stunning venue, the gardens were so lovely and the more you explored the nicer it got.
The driveway, the brickwork, the marvellous gardens and that was just the outside.
The ceremony room had a beautiful window at the end of the isle, which lit up the happy couple almost as bright as there faces when they first saw each other.

The ceremony could of gone on for hours and the guests wouldn’t of realised, everyone was lost in time as the ceremony was so lovely including an emotional speech from there son.

The reception was spectacular, held in a marque round the back and not only was it beautiful but also the perfect place to cool down on such a hot day and the kids seamed to love having a place to run around.

The sunset created some beautiful light for some portrait photography and James couldn’t help but do his best magnum pose.

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