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Tin and Gemma – The Lost Village of Dodge

Tin and Gemma – The Lost Village of Dodge

Tin and Gemma – The Lost Village of Dode

 I truly an not think of a more suited couple than Tin and Gemma.

The venue in the Lost village of Dode was truly a lost village but when it was found it was truly glorious with the hint of Game of Thrones style,
Tin and Gemma looked amazing in there dresses and such a lovely, friendly couple with hearts of gold.

The tea and cake after was such a lovely and interment affair which everybody seemed to enjoy in fact every aspect of the wedding was amazing from the Tin’s VW van to the lovely reception at the end

This was a lovely wedding that went so smoothly and i truly wish both Tin & Gemma all my luck for the future.

All my best

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Sarah and Mark – Lenham

Sarah and Mark – Lenham

Sarah and Mark – Lenham

Welcome to the wedding of Sarah and Mark which was one of the most welcoming weddings ever.
These guys were such lovely people and an amazing couple.

Upon arriving to the busiest house in the whole of Lenham the camera was very quickly unpacked as all the brides maids were going crazy.
Bridesmaids spraying each other with hair spray, one of which was getting her hair done while doing someone else’s make-up.

I was so looking forward to this wedding, a country themed wedding with little vintage bits.
Mark was very impressed with his Lambretta and Sarah with the bus and her car.

Bridesmaids looked amazing during the ceremony and the girls made some wonderful speeches.

So many laughs and merriment in the evening from poor mark getting tipped over in the portaloo or the girls falling over on the dance floor.

Sarah & Mark such a photogenic couple and had great fun taking their photos.

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The Pigdons – Little Hermitage

The Pigdons – Little Hermitage

The Pigdons – Little Hermitage

Danny and Caroline picked the hottest day of the year to get married but it was such a lovely day from start to finish that the heat was a 2nd thought, Caroline and the gang was very calm in the morning and enjoying every aspect of the day.

Had some great help from my fabulous 2nd shooter Emma who took some great photos and helped make the day at my end flow.

The ceremony took place at All Saints C Of E Church which was so beautiful from the outside and in, Danny looked nervous as he was awaiting for his beautiful bride but as soon as he saw her walking down the isle his face lit up and nerves turned to excitement, the Ceremony went very well and every moment was lovely.

The Reception was at the Little Hermitage which was just a perfect addition to the day, everyone just loved the place and the children seemed to love exploring the ground as did I, We managed to find some amazing places to take some amazing shots.

Danny and Caroline seem very much in love and i wish you guys all the best for the future

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