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Hi there.
So a bit about me…

I’m Rob, or “Rob the Photographer” as I get introduced most of the time, and I’d like to welcome you to my website.
As you may already have guessed, I am a wedding photographer.

My Photography was mainly based in Kent but after my move to the sunshine coast of East Sussex I’m bringing my photography with me, but I do also like the opportunity to travel so feel free to contact me for weddings in Cyprus, Hawaii etc. (warm places please).

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 9 years now and have worked with some lovely brides and been to some amazing weddings, I do love a good wedding and very much enjoy being part of the big day.
Being a wedding photographer has many roles from helping the grooms with cuff links and cravats to helping tie the bride’s dresses and of course taking a few pictures too.
But that’s not all I essentially become photographer, toast master, dresser, organiser and the go to man all in one as I am apart from yourself the only one that talks to everyone from the hair dresser, the DJ, the cake maker and everyone in between.

When doing my thing (this is me trying to be hip and cool), I like to relate to James Bond or an awesome Ninja by trying see without being seen and trying to get those lovely natural shots as the best shots are the ones you don’t know have been taken.

In all honesty, when there’s a camera pointed at you and you’re asked to smile, the cheesiest and fakest smile comes out which isn’t your best look.
I like to blend in with your wedding, so you feel like I’m practically one of your wedding guests and your guests feel comfortable with me and are more than happy with me taking their picture.
As you can tell, I’m quite a loud person with a big personality. But I think that’s important, because I feel there three things to look for when choosing your wedding photographer:
Good photos (obviously)
A price you’re content with
A photographer you get on with

  • Photos: Obviously there are a lot of different styles of wedding photography out there and you have to find the one for you, the photographer with the photos that make you go wow!
  • Price: Again pointing out the obvious, but the price has to be in your budget.
  • Personality: A photographer could be amazing, they could even be under your budget, but if you don’t click and you don’t feel relaxed then that will come through in the photos.

    Anyway, enough from me.
    If you’re still awake, please feel free to look around my site and get in contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks – Rob the Photographer

Robert Kirby

  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Time Keeping 98%
  • Cost 87%
  • Professionalism 96%

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